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SoundEditor.exe - (Free/Gratis)


                          DOWNLOAD DI SINI.....

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The Kick - VST Drum (Free/Gratis)

VST  Kick alias BassDrum,  silahkan di coba .........!!!

The Kick is an instrument designed for one purpose only: bassdrum! Play with this for a while and you'll discover it's flexibility. Rather than working with static bassdrum samples this plugin gives one the possibility to alter the sound while playing

  Link DOWNLOAD plugin :

                                           Silahkan DOWNLOAD Di SiNi

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Wavtransit- VST Loop Sampler (Free/Gratis)

 Silahkan di coba..........!!!

Wavtransit is a VSTi loop sampler designed for manipulating longer samples and recordings that can be looped and mangled with the loop vector or various sequence modulators.


                   Download the plug-in Windows version (2161,87 Ko) -

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Virtual Bass VB1 -VST Bass (Free/Gratis)

The VB-1 is a Steinberg virtual accoustic Bass with adjustable pickup. It uses a physical model synthesis.

Link DOWNLOAD  Gratis :

           Download the plug-in WINDOWS Version -

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Cubix - VST Drum (Free/Gratis)

Silahkan di coba ......

Cubix is a drumsynth/sampleplayer with an onboard arpeggiated bassline synth. Each drum section has it's own dual X-Fade sequencer section for beat mixing, as well as an Auto-Mix function. Designed with live operation in mind, Cubix can be used for making complex beats on the fly that can be randomized, mixed, matched and manipulated in a number of ways.

- 4 drum modules (kick, snare, hihat, & perc)
- 1 Bass Synth module
- 4 Wav Layer sample players for use with each drum module
- Samples can be looped, reversed and start/end positions can be altered all in realtime
- Each module has it's own in-depth control panel
- X-Fade Sequencers for each drum module for mixing between 2 different beats
- Auto-Mix funtion for automatic BPM-Synced mixing between beats
- Amplitude and Filter/Pitch modulation sequencers for the Bass Synth
- LFO section for Bass Synth for modulationg the filter as well as synced pitch
- Arpeggiator for Bass Synth with portamento option
- Bass sequencer can be used for gated arps/leads or stepped sequences
- Random probability for each sequencer with 2 types of randomization
- Each sequencer can play at different speeds, directions or length
- Adjustable start/end positions for each sequencer
- MIDI options for triggering each sequencer
- Drum Mixer with light up trigger analyzers
- Multiple audio outputs (channels 1-6)
- Delay section with damping, dotted and sync/manual rate options
- FX send control for each module
- Patch Randomization for select controls on each module
- 32 presets

       Nih , link DOWNLOAD nya  :

                                                Download the plug-in WINDOWS Version (8207,85 Ko) -

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Osiris 6 -VST (Free/Gratis)

6 voices polyphonic synthesizer.

  • 2 oscillators (With dual 4 OSCs).
  • 2 Filters with 4 filter types. HP/BP/LP/BR.
  • 2 Assignable LFOs.
  • Delay, Stereo chorus, Flanger.
  • Mono/Poly mode.
  • Arpeggiator.
  • 6 voice polyphonic.
  • 16 presets.

      Nih Link  DOWNLOAD Gratisnya :

                                                   DOWNLOAD 1.30 mb-

Smoga bermanfaat.................!!!
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Oberon v.1.0 -VST (Free/Gratis)

OBERON is a classic analog polysynth that works best when you set your VST host program to 96 kHz sample rate. It has two special oscillators, two envelopes and a special 2-pole dualfilter. You might wonder do we need another VA synth (and I might too) but anyway, it's free so why not?

  • Oberon is an attempt to imitate the classic analog polysynths.
  • 2 special oscillators with sync.
  • 2 envelopes.
  • 1 LFO.
  • A special 2-pole double filter.

      Link DOWNLOAD Gratis :

                                                DOWNLOAD 815 kb-

Smoga bermanfaat......!!!
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Pterosaur -VST (Free/Gratis)

Silahkan sedot gratis......................!!!

Pterosaur is a 16 oscillator monosynth. The basic waveform of each oscillator is a sawtooth wave - but the "mod" control morphs it into a sort of saw-pulse hybrid.


                                             DOWNLOAD 1.19 mb-

 Smoga bermanfaat.......!!!
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Shuniji Free -VST (Free/Gratis)

shuniji (Japanese, primary rainbow) is the first of a new line of VST-Synthesizers bei H.G. Fortune in tradition of STS, Swamp and LaserBlade succeeding the latter two.  At the first glance quite simple but highly efficient for even complex soundcreations due to some versatile modulations and the Rainbow Modulator / Colorizer.
Like within a rainbow different tonecolors can be present in one patch. As all parameters are accessible on the GUI editing is straight and easy

 Silahkan DOWNLOAD Gratis lewat link ini :

                                               DOWNLOAD 16.78 mb-

Smoga bermanfaat..............!!!
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Orion-1 -VST (Free/Gratis)

 - 8 voice polyphonic
- 2 oscillators with sine, saw, ramp, triangle and pulse wave, white and pink noise
- Oscillator sync
- Pulse width and PWM
- ADSR for each oscillator
- 2 lfo’s with sample and hold, rate sync and delay and release
- A separate filter section for each oscillator, with ADSR
- Effect section with stereo delay and Flanger
- Ring modulator
- Mono mode
- Full MIDI control and automation
- Great analog sound
- Easy to use

Langsung di sedot aja, brow.....!!!

                                                  DOWNLOAD 981 kb-

Smoga bermanfaat......!!!
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Stringer v.1.2 -VST (Free/Gratis)

STRINGER is quite big because it contains lots of sounds but otherwise it has very low demands on your computer. Download and execute the compressed installer. You have to specify your VST folder to make your host discover it.

Silahkan DOWNLOAD di sini :

                                             DOWNLOAD 11.90 mb-

Semoga bermanfaat...............!!!
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Acrobatics Alieno v.1.0.9 -VST (Free/Gratis)

Silahkan coba boz..........

Performance monophonic synthesizer with advanced step-modulation, suitable for lead lines, sequences and special FX synthesis. 144 original sounds included.
Main features:
- 6 oscillators arranged in 3 modules
- Multimode 12dB filter: low/hi/bandpass, peaking & notch
- 16 steps LFO with pattern memory, randomizing and templates
- Advanced portamento & pitchbend with per patch assignable ranges
- Built-in high quality FX: pan/tremolo, delay and reverb
- 12 skins assignable per patch
- Step LFO, pan/tremolo & delay are synced to host tempo
- All parameters can be automated in host
- 4x stereo oversampling

Link Download :

                       DOWNLOAD 8.87 mb-

Smoga bermanfaat...................!!!

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DaHornet VST Plugin (Free/Gratis)

Ada serial numbernya........

DaHornet VST Plugin
Classic VST from Steinberg from back in the days, now free! 128 presets packed with retro-modern sounds mostly ideal for house music production, but you can probably find quite a few basslines suited for d&b and dubstep as well! 

I'm sure DaHornet will be a most welcomed synthesizer in your library of free gems.

Download DaHornet VST Plugin :

                                                    01. DaHornet Windows VST

                                                    02. DaHornet OSX VST

                                                    03. DaHornet OSX AU VST


Cara Installasi : 

Download and extract the .exe file (if using windows that is) to your VST folder.
Open up your DAW of choice and search for it, it should now be found in your list of VST instruments.

                                                          Smoga bermanfaat..............!!!
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Vintage Keyboard - DSK Elektrik Keys VST (Free/Gratis)

Langsung sedot aja cuma  5 Mb doang.....

This VST plugin is a keeper!
I was not expecting all that much to be honest, But it had some really nice presets!
I would really recommend this one to musicians who are into house music (raw pianos)
r&b, soul etc. This is a free VST plugin that really is worth paying for, But luckily for us it's totally free. 

Nih Link nya :

                 ->Download DSK Elektrik Keys here (about 5 Mb)

More free VST plugins from the same creators!

Nih linknya:

                                  Strings (String instruments module)-

                                  DreamZ (Additive synth)-

                                  XXX (FM synth)-

                                  ZetH (FM synth)-

                                  ZitH (Hybrid synth)-

                                  B3x (Organ module)-

                                  Brass (brass module)-

Smoga bermanfaat....!!!
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Wollo Synthesizer (Free/Gratis)

Langsung aja di coba......

This free VST plugin is so cool.
I actually found myself playing around with it for about an hour, to check out its full potential. I tweaked, added some effects to it, and realized that this is one powerful synthesizer! 

Link Download :

                     ->Download the Wollo Drone here (right click and "save as")-

                     ->Add more sounds to the Wollo Drone with this soundbank - UPDATE !!!

Smoga ber manfaat.......!!!

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Ambient Waves (Free/Gratis)

Cobain aja brow.................

With this nifty little VST you'll be able to create smooth surroundings for your tracks. I fell in love with it straight away, and i think you will too.

Easy to install, just unzip it to your VST folder and you are done.

Nih, link nya :

                   Download: Wollo Fmera........

                   More sounds: Wollo Fmera Soundbank.....

Silahkan di coba.............
Smoga bermanfaat..........!!!
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GalactiX VST Synthesizer (Free/Gratis)

Langsung aja di sedot.............


16 voice polyphonic
up to 8 instances per VST host
6 high quality oscillators with no-interpolation algorithm
detune and phase per oscillator
two filters: VCO with velocity sensitivity and master key follow filter
midi control for parameters
master effects: chorus and reverb.

Nih Link Download Gratis nya :

                        -Download this VST Synthesizer plugin here (zip) -

Cara Installasi : 

Installation notes:

create a folder in your ordinary VST folder, name it GalactiX.
extract the .dll file and all the wavfiles to that folder.. done!

Smoga bermanfaat ................!!!

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Angular Momentum VST Plugin (Free/Gratis)

Baca Spek nya, brow.!!!

Angular Momentum VST Plugin
this plugin covers a lot of different genres out there.
To name a few i'd go with electro house, d&b and trance.
Deep bassline hoovers, Glitchy electro house bass and trance leads to be more specific.

Free has never sounded this good before, and i'm pretty sure that you'll agree.


Additive Wave Table Synthesizer with overtone scaler

2 x Additive Wavetable OSC
2 x Overtone Scaler
2 x Wavemixer
2 x ADSR
2 x Filter ADSR
2 x SV Filter
2 x Filter Step Sequencer
Delay, Chorus and Reverb
Voice Management
64 Patches
32 voices

Nih , Link Download Gratis nya :

                                            -Download Angular Momentum VST Plugin (1.42 Mb)-

Smoga  bermanfaat..... !!!
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padawan VST (Free/Gratis)

Silahkan di cicipi........hehehehe....

It might have a goofy name but it kicks butt!

padawan is a hybrid synthesizer intended for pad and ambient sound creation.
Layer it with some thick pads, add some filters and you'll be surprised of what it can do for your ambient surroundings. it's a must have!

Don't be fooled by it's cheapo effects, just turn them off and use your own and you'll have a powerful tool in your VST library.

Nih link Download Gratis nya :

                                    Silahkan di Coba ...!!!

Smoga  bermanfaat............ !!!

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Superwave P8 VST Plugin (Free/Gratis)

Berikut ini spek VST :


2 Oscillators: Single, Dual, 7 Oscillators SuperWave mode
Waveforms: Sine, Saw, Ramp, Triangle, Pulse, White Noise, Pink Noise
Controls: Waveform, Mode, Fine-Tune, Semi-Tune, Detune, Octave, Sync

2 Resonant Filters: 12dB
Filter Types: Low Pass, Band Pass, High Pass
Controls: Filter Type, Cutoff Frequency, Resonance, Key Follow, Lock (Cutoff Frequency)


2 Amplifiers
Controls: Level, Pan, On/Off

4 Envelopes (Filter x2, Amp x2)
Controls: Depth, Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release

Low Frequency Oscillators
2 LFO's with multiple routing options
Waveforms: Sine, Saw, Ramp, Triangle, Pulse, White Noise, Pink Noise
Beat Ratios: 10
Controls: Waveform, Destination, Mode, Rate, Beat, Depth, Key On, Route

Modulation with multiple routing options
Controls: Input, Destination, Depth

Effect Types: Mono Delay x2 (1 Stereo pair)
Delay Controls: Level, Feedback, Pan, Beat, On/Off

Other Features
8 note polyphonic operation
Main volume control
Mono/Polyphonic control
Portamento control
Midi CC control with learn capability
64 high quality presetshttp://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gif

Cara  Instalasi :

Extract the files to your VST folder. Open your DAW of choice and search for your new plugin and include it in your list of instruments.

Link Download Gratis :

                 -Superwave P8 VST Plugin download (2.0 Mb)(.exe)-   

Smoga bermanfaat......................!!!
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Asian Flutes- VST Instrument (Free/Gratis)

Ada dua jenis VST  yg bisa  temen2  download disini...

KongAudio gives you two amazing VSTs, Mini Dizi and Mini Erhu!
Ever wanted those amazing flutes in your own productions? Well, Here ya go!

Bila temen2 ingin mendengarkan  DEMO format .Mp3 , silahkan  Klix link di bawah ini :

                                      DEMO Mp3 , silahkan coba....!!!

     Smoga bermanfaat............!!!
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ePiano VST Plugin- (Free/Gratis)

Silahkan mencoba VST Instrument  ePIANO ini....

I’ve used LoungeLizard for some time now and it’s great, but it’s not a free plugin that I can offer my visitors.
The only free VST plugin that comes close to LL is this one, I did not expect much at all because lets face it, it looks ├╝ber-cheap.. Boy was I wrong! (as always it seems) 

It sounds really good and professional.
All you FL music makers will enjoy this one a lot since it sounds so much better than FL Keys, has more features and presets to tweak around with. 

Link  Download Gratis :

                                01. Download ePiano VST plugin (PC)

                                02. Download ePiano VST plugin (Mac OS 9)

                                03. Download ePiano VST plugin (Mac OS X)

Silahkan temen coba download lewat link di atas...

Smoga bermanfaat ..........!!!
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Asian VST instruments- (Free/Gratis)

Ada beberapa instrument yg bisa anda coba di dalam VST ini :

Have you ever wanted to have those beautiful asian flutes and percussions in your own productions? Well, now you can. Asian Dreamz VST gives you 5 instruments in total and one preset with various percussion sounds.

Asian DreamZ VST includes the following instruments:

Pipa with tremolo
Ban di

Installing Asian DreamZ is easy. Just extract the .dll file to your VST folder and open up your DAW of choice and search for it. 

Silahkan anda Download lewat link di bawah ini :

                     -Download Asian DreamZ VST for Windows (10.7 Mb) -

Smoga bermanfaat.........!!!

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